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Epoxy steps and stairs

Handcrafted in wood and epoxy

Fill materials

We have tried over 45 different types of filling materials for our products, before finding the best one that would meet European norms and standards. Our technologists mix the epoxy in a special way, so that it saves its moisture resistance, shape, it doesn’t get chipped and doesn’t get scratched.

Metal color

If you need a table in the color of your interior, we will select and make the same shade. You can learn more from the manager.

Types of wood

Each tree has been grown exclusively for production in a dedicated location, as we care about the environment.


Oak furniture is environmentally friendly, and in winter, when the room warms up, it emits a pleasant smell, creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. From an aesthetic point of view, the advantages of oak include a noble, beautiful pattern.


From time immemorial, ash has been used not only for the manufacture of furniture, but also for the production of sports equipment such as oars, bats, and axes. In terms of resistance to deformation, ash is not inferior to any other domestic wood species.


Nutwood furniture is considered to be elite, often found in antique stores.  Nutwood has a high density, tenacity and toughness. It also has a high resistance to fungi, rotting, and various mechanical damage


Poplar has such properties as elasticity, strength, not a tendency to warp. The most important thing for us is its gorgeous texture, silky surface, very pleasant to the touch, comparable only to some exotic tree species

Promo Video

In this video, we showed each stage of production in accelerated shooting, if we translate all stages into days, it will turn out to be about 2 weeks.

Finished products
Used wood
Used metal

Order an individual cost based on your individual parameters of your epoxy office table

Leave a request and our technologist will calculate the cost of your individual order, taking into account the materials you like